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Orders placed after July 1 will have a lumber surcharge based on market rate.  We are sorry the price of lumber is going up so fast. 

We make dreams come true.

We started out building a vardo we wanted to stay in.  We ended up building a vardo everyone wanted to stay in.


It needs to be small.
Small enough to:
Haul with an SUV or Minivan.
Heat or cool with very little power
Fit in a drive way, or side yard for storage


It needs to be energy efficient.
Set up to use solar panels and batteries.
Setup so you can use shore power instead.
Maximum insulation to reduce energy needs.


  It needs to be cool
It needs to look cool.
It needs to turn heads when I pull into camp.
It needs to feel cool when I use it.  

Door and Windows

The rear door is 2' wide 5'6" tall.  Rear window is 2' x 3'.  The porch is 36' deep and 5' wide.  

Easy to Store

At its widest point, it is only 7'7" wide, it fits easily in a driveway or side yard.

Convenient Height

  8'6" high, fits into a 9' garage door. 

9' garage door, not shown.   

Full Size Bed

The bed area holds a full size bed.  
Under the bed is a space that can either be used for storage, or makes an excellent place for the kids to sleep. It is half the size of the bed. 

  Mattress not included.  

Three Shelves on Left

 There is a main shelf, conveniently located to hold your cell phone while it is charging at night.  Two more shelves above it to make everyday items easy to find while camping.

Hogwarts teacup not included.

Bench Seat on Right

The bench seat is a great step when trying to get into the bed.  It has a storage space beneath designed to hold a Yeti 3000, or a medium size bag.  

Unicorn not included.

Yeti 3000 

The vardo is wired to connect all its power needs to a Yeti 3000.  A 3000 watt battery.  12v lights and 120volt outlets, all connect to the Yeti 3000.  
The solar panels are stored in the forward storage area, and when deployed, plug into the Yeti to recharge it.

12v lighting

The interior and exterior lights are energy efficient 12v LED lights.  

Power Station

Right beneath the shelves are light switches for the interior and exterior lights.  A 12v outlet and a 120v outlet.  

Tatiana Model
7' x 12' Vardo


Goal Zero, Yeti 3000 Battery 


720 watts of integrated solar panels



I kept seeing these super cool vardos, they were never for sale.  At a music festival I saw an Oakhenge Vardo, and IT WAS FOR SALE!  If you are going to camp, you might as well camp in style.

Jimmy, Lawrence KS

My Oakhenge vardo is the perfect size for me.  I can haul it with my minivan, my husband and I sleep in the full size bed, and two kids fit in the space under the bed.  It is so well insulated, the AC unit is off most of the night.

Carol, Kansas City, MO

Everywhere I go, people ask me where I got my vardo.  My campfire is the busiest one, every night.  Everyone wants to talk about it.  I should get a commission. 

Scotty, Wichita KS

From the moment I saw it, I knew I had to have it.  First camper I have ever seen that matched my aesthetic. 

Raven, Liberty, MO



What are the dimensions? Tatiana model vardo dimensions. Back of roof to tip of tongue. 14.5' Widest point 7'7" dimensions of roof. 12' x 7'7" Height 8' Deck dimensions, 34"…


Future Vardo Video

Future site of video showing how much fun we have in our vardo.


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If the answers you are looking for are not on this website, or on our Facebook page, do not hesitate to call or write.  We can make your dream come true. 

Oakehenge Vardo - Home


Oakehenge Vardo - Home