November 23, 2019


What are the dimensions?

Tatiana model vardo dimensions.

Back of roof to tip of tongue. 14.5'
Widest point 7'7"
dimensions of roof. 12' x 7'7"
Height 8'
Deck dimensions, 34" x 60"
Door, 24" x 66"
Windows, Rear, 2' x 3', Front, 14" x 32"
Cabin exterior dimensions, W 7' x L 8'4"
Foyer area in front of bed 78" x 36"
Bed, Full size bed, 53" x 75"

Does it come in colors besides red?
You can order it in any color you like.  Since we take orders to fill our build slots, you can pick a color and it will be painted to your request.  

Can I change the patterns on the side?
Yes, we use a standard design, and it may change each year, but if you have a pattern or design in mind, we can certainly paint to suit.  If it requires additional time, there may be an upcharge.

How long does it take for delivery?
We schedule our build slots out about 90 days, most deliveries will be in 30-90 days. 

Do you have any ready for delivery?
Not currently, all of our floor models are needed as floor models, and we currently schedule new sales into our upcoming build slots.  We schedule work according to sales.  Deliveries are usually in 30-90 days. 

Will you deliver to Seattle WA?  
We will deliver to anywhere in the continental US.  

Will you deliver to Canada?
We will deliver it to the border.  We will be happy to meet you at the border, or near the border for delivery.